Thankful For A Blessed Sunday

The Lord did a great work here at Bible Baptist Church in South Africa.  We are thrilled to let you know that we had 290 people in attendance with 36 receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior.  The atmosphere of the service was electric and many Americans and South African hands pitched in and worked together.

We are thankful for the prayers of people in the USA and South Africa.  We are especially thankful for the way God worked in the lives of people.

Working & Praying For A Record Sunday

The last day has been completely dedicated to preparing for the big Sunday being planned. The people of Bible Baptist Church of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and Maranatha Baptist Church of Peoria, Arizona are praying for 300 in attendance. 

We distributed about 1,000 packets of gospel invitations, set up the tent, picking up the breakfast, and cooking the lunch. Our churches work together in great harmony!!

Please pray for 300 to attend this combined English-Zulu service and for many to trust Christ as Savior. We will keep you updated following the service. 

We are also praying for God to do a work through the services of Maranatha back home. 


Join the Mission Team in Celebration

Missionary Steve Myers has brought the team to Kruger Park where we have seen elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, and other Safari animals. While in the area Steve invited workers to attend a church service we were planning on hosting in our room. Three ladies showed up to the service where we sang in Zulu, prayed, and had a Bible Study. We were thrilled to have 2 of the ladies pray to receive Christ after the Bible Study. 

We apolagize for not having pictures but our internet in this location is challenging. We will send pictures when internet improves. 

Please continue praying!!

Team Prepares For Departure

On Sunday afternoon, May 28 ten members of Maranatha Baptist Church will travel to South Africa.  The South Africa Mission Team will assist the ministry of Steve Myers, home missionary of Maranatha Baptist Church.  The team's focus will be 1) to strengthen the relationship between Maranatha and the South African churches 2) to assist with a special Sunday service where we are praying for 300 to attend 3) to return with a greater passion for missions that will impact our church ministry.